Worship Gathering March 15, 2009

So today was a fun day for me. I was on the keys instead of leading today. I get to do that about once a month and look forward to it every time. I like it so much because I can focus on playing my best and not about other things. We all know what that’s like. We had a great day here in NYC. We introduced a new song and threw in an old one at the end. It was very well balanced list if you ask me.
The Band:
  • Craig – Ac. Guitar
  • Zach – Drums
  • Bass – Daniel
  • E. Guitar 1 – Pierre
  • E. Guitar 2 – Kinsby Jr.
  • Keys/Synth – Anthony (me)

Front Line Singers

  • Craig – W.L.
  • Joanne – Soprano
  • Nikki – Alto
  • Genese – Alto
  • Fabio – Tenor
  • Blessed Be Your Name (Redman) – In hindsight, we should have switched this one to the 2nd song. Oh well, you live and learn.
  • Happy Day (Hughes) – A few friends of mine have been doing this with their teams for a while now. Honestly, I’ve heard the song more than once but never really liked it much. Craig wanted to introduce this one to the team and to our people so we went for it. We used a click track on this one, which allowed us to really only play through it all of two times in rehearsal before we used it in a service. That was nice. Nikki says she really thought the congregation was into it. Bottom line, I think I’m gonna pull a song from next week’s list and put this one in it’s place. I actually like the song now. It’s kinda catchy. 🙂
  • Came To My Rescue (Hillsong United) – A sold transition song that has worked since we introduced it.
  • You Are Here (The Same Power) (Hillsong London) – We only did the chorus of this one as a transition song into communion.
  • Nothing But The Blood (Hymn) – From time to time I really like throwing in a hymn, not to appease people but just because I honestly do like a lot of the hymns. Most of us grew up on them, how could we not? We changed it up a bit and had the drums playing kinda of a “little drummer boy” marching type rhythm to it and then built up to a an “all in” chorus. Very nice.

Great day here. Our attendance has been really up lately, especially in our first and last services. The middle service is always packed but we have definitely seen a bump in the others in the last month or so.

This post is part of a worship discussion which can be found HERE.


One Response to “Worship Gathering March 15, 2009”

  1. Steffanie Oltmans Says:

    I really like “You are here”! A lot of times for us the hymn we throw in ends up being the song of the day that most people really connect to in worship.

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