Set List for Sunday March 1st 2009

Here in NYC, we had a great worship experience today. Our worship set had some great songs in it today. I’m loving, “You Are Here (the same power).

The Band:

  • Acoustic – Anthony (me)
  • Drums – Zach
  • Bass – Daniel
  • E. Guitar 1 – Pierre
  • E. Guitar 2 – Joe
  • Keys – Ed

The Front Line:

  • W.L. – Anthony (me)
  • Sop – Joanne
  • Alto – Nikki
  • Alto – Suni
  • Tenor – Fabio

Our sound check was smooth and easy this morning. Everything sounded great. I pop in my IEM and it’s like I have my finger sticking in my left ear. If you use IEM you probably know where this is headed. I knew the problem but couldn’t fix it since we had already started and our set was had rehearsed transitions between the first few songs. I had to have my left ear for our 4th song. We were using a click track and the click was in my left ear. I could’ve panned everything to the right but the WL aviom is backstage-ish and not easily accesable during a set. We end Sing, Sing, Sing and do the good worship leader thing that stalls for a few seconds and ask everyone to say hello to one another. I quickly unplug and head to my IE case. As you may assume by now, the left ear was totally sealed with ear wax. 🙂 Excellent!! 🙂 I had neglected to clean them for let’s say, a few weeks. 😉 I do a quick 2 second cleaning job and all is well. The great thing about it is that no one but me noticed there was a problem. That was during the first service.

The second service, our drummer kicks through the bass drum head during the second song. YIKES!!! Luckily, he had some stage tape in the cage and was able to patch it up well enough to get through the set. Again, Only the drummer, me and the sound techs knew there was a problem. Well, of course until I announced to the church that drums sometimes give and what can you do. 🙂

I thought I’d share some of the mishaps from this morning. It seems that all too often I read that “everything was great”. No way can EVERYONE have an uneventful Sunday. I’d like to read more about that stuff in other’s posts. Those kind of stories make me feel normal. 🙂

Here’s our Set:

  • Always (Generations Unleased) we sang through the Verse and Chorus in Gmaj once and then straight into the intro for Hosanna.
  • Hosanna (Praise Is Rising) (Baloche)
  • Sing, Sing, Sing (Tomlin)
  • You Are Here (The Same Power) (Hillsong London) This was a new one for us this week. We did the version from the “This Is Our God” album with just the chorus section. When I first heard this version I was blown away. A couple other people I let listen to it weren’t too high on it but I really liked it. The chorus section really drives the song home at the end. We used a click track that I made on this one as well. Our keyboardist wasn’t able to make rehearsal this week because of a last minute work conflict so the track had the piano intro on it as well. Ed looked great up there fudging the piano though. 🙂
  • Came To My Rescue (Hillsong United) 2nd week in a row we’ve done this arrangement. It’s a really kicking song to build up to the really up song, “Always”.
  • Always (Generations Unleashed) – We tied the set together by ending with the same song we started with, except faster and in Bmaj.

There is always a risk in ending a set that’s not the typical way you bring a time of worshiping with music to an end. You risk losing everybody that you just brought along with you. With those risks in mind, I think ending on an up song was a nice change. It just felt right today.

This post is part of the worship discussion which can be found HERE.


6 Responses to “Set List for Sunday March 1st 2009”

  1. Steffanie Oltmans Says:

    Wow! We did have similar days lol! I love “Same Power” too! Have a great week!

  2. ditto here– same things have happened to me with my IEM… frustrating.

    We did Hosanna today too.. I love that song!

    Thanks for the details! love sharing in others frustrations… it’s comforting.

  3. Last week our drummer busted his snare head. It wasn’t enough to have to change it at that moment, but it did sound funny.

  4. Great idea to share problems, although I rave about our weekends, you’re right there are always little things that only a few of us realize. Believe me you’re normal! I’ll begin to list problems too!

    Great set, thanks!

  5. I love hearing about other peoples real worship days. It seems as if this was not uncommon this Sunday. It’s weird how it all piles up on all of us.

    Makes you wonder what was going on in the spiritual world on Sunday morning?

  6. First time checking your blog. I had an IEM issue too, except I just started talking, praying, & began the first song without plugging it into my jack! Couldn’t fix it until song 3. Yeah for real drums & amps!

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